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� On August 20, when the Voyager 2 spacecraft blasted off for a trip beyond the solar system, it carried on its side a unique record player and a single phonograph record. Included on that record are 27 musical selections that the New York Times has called "Earth's Greatest Hits." If, someday, extraterrestrial creatures play the record and enjoy it, they will be most indebted to the man who chose 13 of the songs 鈥?Westsider Alan Lomax. while still in his teens, carrying a sample strip he had written and drawn. This was a kind of blow that usually silenced poor Miss Chubb, who was sensitive on the score of her age. But, on the whole, she was not displeased at the opportunity of airing her reminiscences of London; and she did not always get the worst of it in her encounters with Mrs. Errington. "He hasalways been like this. His mind works ten times faster than everybody else's. I mean he just getsgoing and stays two or three jumps ahead, and he's quick to go with what's on his mind. If he getssomething in his mind that needs to be done regardless of what else might have been plannedthe newidea takes priority, and it has to be done now. Everybody has their day scheduled, and thenbang! Hejust calls a meeting on something. When my visit with Plimpton was about to end, I couldn't resist testing him with my favorite sports question: "Who was the only man to play for the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Patriots and the Boston Bruins?" He couldn't guess. The answer, I told him, was a guy named John Kiley, who played the national anthem on the organ. av中文无吗日本亚洲欧洲 � Oh, father!' repeated the old man, impatiently. "What did I say amiss? I tell you the woman was cowed by me. I am in subjection to none of their principalities and powers. The upshot was that I promised you should go and take tea with her to-morrow evening." And that's right. There are people in this town who I won't take a telephone call from. But that's the exception. � Father, may I go upstairs to Mrs. Errington? asked Rhoda, softly; "I don't want any supper."